Robert Osei Anim


Robert Osei Anim is a fine artist with over 20 years of experience in the art industry. He received his formal education at the Ankle College of Art and the Ghanatta College of Art and Design, where he honed his skills and developed a passion for creating beautiful, thought-provoking works of art. After completing his studies, Robert went on to attend Kings University, where he received further training in Law. Throughout his career, he has exhibited his work in galleries and museums around the world and has received numerous awards and accolades for his talent and dedication to the field. Robert’s art is known for its unique style and bold, expressive brushstrokes on dark figures with blue eyes. He often incorporates elements of his African heritage into his work, infusing it with a sense of history and cultural significance. Whether working in oil paints or mixed media, Robert’s art is always highly evocative and deeply moving, capable of stirring the emotions of even the most casual viewer. With over two decades of experience in the art world, Robert Osei Anim is truly a master of his craft. His dedication to his art and his commitment to creating meaningful, impactful works have earned him a devoted following and a reputation as one of the most talented and respected artists of his generation.


Ghana National museum – 2000 (Ghana)  

Lisafric Gallery – 2002- (Ghana)  

Golden tulip Hotel -2005 (Ghana)  

Herschel Gallery (Solo )- 2006 ( Ghana)  

Golden tulip hotel- 2008- (Ghana)  

Florin Baeriswyl Collection- (Solo) 2012 (Zurich, Switzerland )  

Int’l Art fair (20th & 21th Century Art )- 2012 ( Switzerland )

Novotel hotel – 2012 ( Ghana)  

Center for national Culture ( Solo ) 2012-( Ghana)  The Fishes Garden Hinkinsen village art fare- 2015 ( Oxford, united Kingdom )  

Oxford Art Fair -2015 (oxford, united Kingdom )  Tokyo international art fair- 2016 (Tokyo, Japan )  Rotterdam international Art fair -2016 ( Netherland )  Amsterdam international Art fair- 2017 (Netherland )  Vancouver Art Fair-2017 ( Vancouver, Canada )  

Art Karlsruhe – 2017 (German)  

Roy’s People Art fair -2017 ( London )  

Ghana@60 through Art exhibition- 2017 (Dallas, Texas. USA)  

De Marchi Gallery -2017( Bologna, Italy )  

Oxford Art Fair-2017 (Oxford, united kingdom)  Parallax Art fair- 2018 ( London )  

New York Art Fair- 2018 (New York, USA)  

Vancouver Art Fair-2018 ( Vancouver, Canada)  

Roy’s Art fair -2018 (London)  

Vancouver Art fair-2019 ( Canada)  

Parallax Art fair – 2019 ( London)  

Camden Image Gallery – (Solo) 2019 ( London)  JonaQuest Art Gallery- (Solo ) 2019 ( London,)  Oreofe Art gallery –( Group) 2022 London  

Sisi Art Galery (Group) 2023 Ghana